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With more than 30 years of aviation experience here in Los Angeles, you could say we’ve had a lot of chances to participate in aerial filming. In fact, to help manage the workload, we partner with Indie Aerials, which specializes in helicopter aerial filming for television, film, music videos and commercials.

While we’ve filmed all kinds of fun subjects, we just had to share this special one. General Electric’s media team hired us to help film a piece with L.A. County Fire’s Sikorsky Firehawks. This short video is meant to highlight GE engines, but for us helicopter fanatics, just seeing this amazing helicopter at work protecting the homes and lives of Los Angeles County’s 5 million residents is a surge of pride. With the fire season in full swing here, these brave pilots and their support teams deserve a big pat on the back.

We had a lot of fun filming this one. Our own Peter Lowry flew the Robinson R44 helicopter while veteran cinematographer and director of photography Doug Holgate (Thor, Transformers, Independence Day and Tomorrow Never Dies) operated the gyro stabilized Cineflex camera system.

Helicopters remain the film industry’s preferred aerial filming platform. However, it takes a special kind of pilot and operation to help make that good shot great. We attribute that to the amazing relationships we’ve built with a handful of the best aerial directors of photography in the business. Our pilots and photographers work together as one, communicating in a way that gets that awesome shot every time.

We hope you enjoy the video. Feel free to share it and please, stay safe out there.

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