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Traditionally the Thanksgiving holiday week is considered one of the busiest travel times of the year, and that fact isn’t lost on those who deal with gridlocked Los Angeles traffic and lines at SoCal airports. What if you could cut hours off your travel time? We can shorten your trip to the airport or even your SoCal destination with a helicopter charter.

Helicopter Charter to the Airport

Group 3 Helicopter’s airport shuttle service is the most affordable in the Los Angeles basin. Using cost-effective and highly maintained Robinson R44 Raven II helicopters, we offer flights directly to SoCal’s major commercial airports, including LAX, Burbank, Ontario, Orange County, Santa Barbara and Long Beach.

While our home base is in Van Nuys, we offer pick up service from most regional airports in the Southland, and in some cases can even arrange private pick up from your private property.

And we’ll get you there so much faster. A flight from Van Nuys to LAX is only 20 minutes. Going to Long Beach? It’s only 25 minutes door to door. Orange County is a quick 40-minute flight, as opposed to hours on the freeway.

And our shuttle prices are per flight, not per seat, so go alone or bring along two others. It’s the same cost.

Helicopter Charter to your Destination

Let’s face it, simply crossing the Southland over Thanksgiving can take hours you’d rather spend with friends, family and food. Whether you’re headed to Santa Barbara or San Diego, we can get you there faster without the crowds, lines and security pat downs. Our helicopter charter service is the least expensive from our base of Van Nuys, but we’re willing to come to a small airport near you as well. Our popular charter destinations include Santa Barbara (55-minute flight), San Diego (90-minute flight), and Palm Springs (80-minute flight). John Wayne in orange County (40-minute flight)

Fly in comfort and security

Group 3 Helicopter and all of our highly-qualified pilots are FAA Part 135 certified, meaning the FAA maintains an extra vigilant stance on our operations, requiring pilots, maintenance and operations to perform to a high standard for your safety. When you fly with us, you fly knowing you’re in the best hands, flying with a 30-year, family-owned helicopter company dedicated to service.

What you need to know before chartering

Other than sit back, relax and leave the work to us, here are a few quick things to know when chartering:

Helicopters by design are not suited for large amounts of luggage, but a duffle-bag or small suit case if two or fewer passengers are flying is easily accommodated.

All prices are round-trip helicopter price as the aircraft must return to base, but quoted times are one-way travel times. Should you require a return trip, the price is double.

If an airport charges facility and landing fees, they’ll apply to the cost. Don’t worry; we’ll always inform you before hand.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to get above the Thanksgiving travel mess, give us a call today and we’ll get you there with time to spare. We’re standing by to book your flight at 818-994-9376 or by email

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