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Los Angeles Helicopter Charter & Tours

California offers a variety of stunning charter destinations for your next helicopter flight, each providing a unique aerial experience. From a 20-minute urban glimpse of Los Angeles from Van Nuys to LAX to a scenic journey over Santa Barbara showcasing majestic coastlines and lush vineyards. Each route saves time and elevates the travel experience, merging convenience with outstanding aerial views. Discover more destinations that could transform your helicopter charter travels.

Los Angeles Intl (LAX) 

Flying from Van Nuys to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) offers a swift 20-minute helicopter journey that bypasses the notorious LA traffic, providing a convenient and efficient travel option. This route showcases the innovative potential of urban air mobility, transforming the landscape of metropolitan transportation. Passengers enjoy a unique aerial perspective of the city, enhancing their travel experience while reducing transit time.

Santa Ana (SNA)

A helicopter charter from Van Nuys to Santa Ana offers a scenic 40-minute flight, efficiently connecting passengers to John Wayne Airport (SNA) while avoiding the congested highways of Southern California. This route saves time and provides a breathtaking aerial view of the diverse landscape, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a blend of convenience and an unforgettable travel experience.

San Bernadino (SBD) 

Helicopter charters from Van Nuys to San Bernardino offer a 35-minute journey, presenting an efficient alternative to the often congested routes by road. Glide over scenic landscapes and urban expanses, arriving refreshed and ready for business or pleasure. This route saves time and provides an unparalleled view of Southern California, making every trip productive and memorable.

Bakersfield (BFL) 

While traveling from Van Nuys to Bakersfield, passengers can enjoy a quick 45-minute helicopter charter that bypasses the congested highways, offering a serene and efficient aerial journey over the diverse Californian landscape. This route saves time and enhances the travel experience by providing unique aerial views of the scenic valleys and bustling cityscapes, epitomizing the blend of innovation and convenience in modern transportation.

Santa Barbara (SBA) 

Leaving from Van Nuys, a scenic 30-minute helicopter flight to Santa Barbara showcases the majestic coastline and lush vineyards that define this picturesque region. As you hover above, the panoramic views of the Pacific meld with the verdant landscapes, offering a unique vantage point that inspires and exhilarates. Santa Barbara is a perfect blend of natural beauty and serene sophistication, ideal for any aerial traveler.

Long Beach (LGB)

Long Beach is often chosen for its vibrant waterfront and bustling port. It offers an exhilarating helicopter journey from Van Nuys, showcasing urban landscapes and sprawling coastal views. This route highlights Long Beach’s unique blend of industrial prowess and scenic allure, providing passengers with a memorable aerial perspective of one of California’s most dynamic cities. 

San Diego (SAN)

San Diego, a gem of Southern California, is just a 60-minute helicopter journey from Van Nuys, offering passengers a stunning view of the diverse landscapes from bustling cityscapes to serene coastlines. This flight provides an exceptional perspective, revealing San Diego’s vibrant urban fabric and its seamless shift into the tranquil Pacific shores, perfectly encapsulating the region’s innovative spirit and dynamic contrasts.

Palm Springs (PSP)

Palm Springs, a desert oasis renowned for its mid-century modern architecture and panoramic mountain views, is a 45-minute helicopter flight from Van Nuys. This enchanting locale offers an escape into a world where sleek design meets stark natural beauty, ideal for those seeking a quick yet transformative getaway. Experience innovation in travel and leisure seamlessly integrated into every flight to this iconic destination.

Camarillo (CMA)

Camarillo, nestled in the scenic heart of Ventura County, offers a serene yet vibrant charter destination. Its picturesque landscapes and proximity to lush vineyards and pristine coastlines make it ideal for leisure and business travelers seeking an innovative escape. Experience the unique blend of rural charm and modern amenities with each visit.

Santa Ynez (IZA)

Nestled in the picturesque Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Ynez Airport (IZA) offers an idyllic gateway for those seeking to explore the region’s renowned wineries and vibrant horse country. This charming locale serves as the perfect jumping-off point for immersive aerial tours that showcase the lush landscapes and boutique vineyards that define the valley, providing an unforgettable experience tailored to the desires of every visitor.

By strategically utilizing these services, discerning travelers can transcend conventional boundaries, optimizing both time and experience in pursuing professional engagements and leisurely exploration.

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