Helicopter Charter to Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Arrive at the Coachella Festival refreshed and ready to rock, leaving traffic and long travel times behind with a Private Helicopter Charter to Coachella. Group 3 Aviation carries you above it all in relaxed comfort on a 90-minute flight to Bermuda Dunes Airport.

Helicopter Charter flights to Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

$2,200 in the R44 for 1 to 3 passengers*

Weekend 1: April 12-14, 2019
Weekend 2: April 19-21, 2019

Go alone or share a helicopter charter cost with two friends (up to three passengers per aircraft) and cut that two-and-a-half to four-hour drive to 90 relaxing minutes with a view.

Flying into Los Angeles and don’t have six to eight hours (round trip) to spend on the freeway to the Coachella Valley? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re local or are flying in from out of town, your Coachella helicopter charter can meet you at any Los Angeles-area airport to whisk you away to the Bermuda Dunes Airport, just north of the festival. A quick helicopter shuttle ride lands you at Coachella’s front door hours before a packed shuttle bus stuck in traffic can.

And a soothing quick helicopter return trip at the end of your festival visit sees you safely back with no unpredictable traffic delays, missed flights or dangers of falling asleep at the wheel.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival runs two weekends in April, April 12-14, 2019 and April 19-21, 2019. For information on the festival, artist line up and hotel options, visit the Coachella site.

To learn more about Group 3 Aviation’s helicopter charters to Coachella or to book a charter, give us a call at 818-994-9376.

* Pricing Policies: The price quoted is round trip for flights originating from Van Nuys, even if passengers are traveling one way. Pick up at other regional airports is available and additional fees may apply. Standby time is an additional $150.00 per hour.

Celebrating 25 Years!

Celebrating 25 Years of Flight Services

Los Angeles, CA, April 2018 – Group 3 Aviation Inc., a helicopter and flight service company, is pleased to announce its 25th year in business. Concurrently the company is excited to share news about their new Eurocopter AS350, a larger turbine single-engine helicopter ideally suited for charter, film, and utility applications.

Group 3 Aviation provides a full range of helicopter tours, charter services, aerial sightseeing, and pilot training along with film and television aerial production support. The company serves clients throughout Southern California and along the west coast while offering seasonal support under Part 135 charter certificates approved throughout the contiguous U.S. and Alaska.

This year, Group 3 Aviation also introduces its newest addition to the fleet, a Eurocopter AS350 helicopter, expanding versatility along its numerous missions. The Eurocopter AS350 provides impressive panoramic views for optimal crew and passenger visibility. Complete with baggage compartment and a roomy cabin with added legroom, this aircraft lets groups of up to five passengers plus their pilot travel comfortably.

“We’re extremely proud to achieve this milestone, which could never have happened without the support and loyalty of our valued customers,” explained Claudia Herrera, President of Group 3 Aviation, Inc. “Going forward, we’re committed to providing the same outstanding customer service and reliability our customers have come to expect.”

During the past quarter of a century, the company’s charter services have grown significantly to include high altitude and extreme weather flying both in Alaska and along the varied terrain in California and the west coast. The company’s standard fleet of Robinson R44 helicopters continues to offer safe and cost-efficient private charter, film, and photography services.

Group 3 Aviation, Inc.
16425 Hart Street #211, Van Nuys, CA 91406

Since 1993, Group 3 Aviation Inc. has provided commercial helicopter services, aerial photography, helicopter tours, and helicopter flight training for tomorrow’s pilots. The company holds a range of FAA certifications and government authorizations as a passenger carrier, air tour operator, external load operator, and flight school. Group 3 Aviation also provides support for motion picture and television production.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Claudia Herrera at 818-994-9376, or email group3@group3aviation.com

Becoming a Helicopter Pilot: Graduate Success Story

Group 3 Aviation helicopter pilot graduate Robert Satz is today a successful line pilot for Guardian Helicopters, a professional utility helicopter operator at Van Nuys Airport in Van Nuys, California. He’s living his dream because, as he shares, he never gave up on achieving it.

Robert took his first helicopter flight in 1992, a demonstration flight where he asked the instructor to show him what the helicopter could do.

“I spent the first 20 minutes sure I’d never get in a helicopter again, and the next 40 minutes falling in love,” he said. “I was hooked.”

Robert began flight training, but stopped after 30 hours of experience. He’d been researching the industry and felt he had little chance to find work after he’d completed his training. He instead went to work as an auto mechanic. But his heart never truly left helicopters. He stayed engaged in the industry, asking questions and attending the Helicopter Association International’s annual Heli-Expo.

Eight years later, he decided he’d make the leap for good. After researching many flight schools in California, he decided Group 3 Aviation was best fit for him.

“There are a number of good schools out there, and I took the time to visit and interview with them,” Robert said. “But it was the thoughtful and intelligent way the flight instructors at Group 3 Aviation answered my questions that made me choose this school.”

Robert completed his training, receiving his private, commercial, instrument and flight instructor ratings. He graduated on Oct. 1, 2000, and was hired by Group 3 Aviation the next day.

Under the guidance of the Group 3 Aviation owners and instructors who trained him, Robert built experience and skill as an instructor for 18 months while also achieving his instrument flight instructor rating before taking a summer seasonal position at Temsco Helicopters in Alaska.

At Temsco he received his turbine transition and through training in flying FAA Part 135 operations.

For the next several years Robert led the life of a helicopter pilot, going where the job took him. He worked in Chicago flying news and private charter then went to Louisiana to fly offshore oil support. With each job came more experience in different helicopters and flying conditions, each one making him a better and more skilled pilot.

In 2014, as the oil industry began to experience an economic downturn, Robert went back to flight school to receive long-line training in hopes of landing a utility flying position, preferably in fire fighting.

As luck would have it, after receiving long-line training, he sent out resumes to several operators, including Guardian Helicopters. Guardian is neighbors with Group 3 Aviation and Robert had become casual acquaintances with Guardian’s owner while he worked at Group 3 Aviation.

Within the week, Robert received a call for an interview.

“I couldn’t believe it in the end,” Robert said. “I knew you’d travel around a lot as a pilot, but I didn’t expect I’d land a job minutes from my house at my own airport. And I’m doing the work I’d always wanted to do.”

Today, as a line pilot for Guardian Helicopters, Robert flies an exclusive use contract for multiple agencies assisting with fire fighting. In addition to fire suppression, he also supports fire-fighting efforts by flying cargo and even short haul emergency medical extractions.

“My advice to anyone looking to become a helicopter pilot is to never give up on your dreams,” he says. “Network, go where you can get work, keep a positive attitude on the job, and stay dedicated. I started flying when I was 28 and now I’m 53. I never gave up. Every job I had along the way got me here.”

If you’re interested in learning more about a career as a helicopter pilot, give us a call and consider taking your first demo flight to see what it is all about. We look forward to hearing from you!

5 Perfect Adventure Gifts for the Holidays

Looking for the perfect gift of adventure you know will be used and loved this holiday season? Give the adventure gift of helicopter flight as an experience your loved one will never forget. Here at Group 3 Aviation, we have a number of unique and unforgettable options, and we offer gift certificates for them all so the flight can be booked anytime.

  1. Private hilltop picnic in Malibu and helicopter tour

For the perfect pairing of adventure and solitude, consider a Malibu Peak picnic landing and helicopter tour. On this special trip, you can choose morning, afternoon or evening and we’ll cater accordingly. In a morning flight, we’ll whisk your gift recipient and up to two additional people off to our exclusive Malibu Peak landing site where they can enjoy coffee or mimosas and pastries before heading out for a special tour of the coast and Hollywood on the return trip. Our early evening trip includes wine or champagne, cheeses and other tasty treats, and a view of the sunset before taking the tour.

All tours include 30 minutes to enjoy the view and solitude of our grassy pad. Want to increase the adventure? We can add a longer Grand Tour after the private landing to make it the ultimate gift of adventure. Prices start at $380 per person.

  1. Helicopter ride and wine tasting

Pair wine and adventure with a flight for two people from Van Nuys to Santa Ynez for a private tasting tour with Sustainable Wines. After being swept away by helicopter, enjoy a private four-hour tasting tour around Santa Ynez, visiting vineyards and tasting wines based on the tastes of your gift recipient, before flying back home. This whole day adventure includes helicopter flight, private tasting tour for two, and transportation by one of Sustainable Wine’s own owners in a Tesla Model X SUV. The price for this package is $3,070.

  1. Evening Helicopter tour and dinner for two

If your loved one is an avid aviation buff, consider our fly and dine experience. We’ve partnered with the famous 94th Aero Squadron to offer dinner and a view to be remembered. Decorated with World War I and World War II memorabilia, the 94th Aero Squadron offers sweeping views of Van Nuys Airport and wide range of lunch and dinner selections specializing in prime steaks and fresh seafood entrees. Our fly and dine experience begins at the restaurant where our Group 3 Aviation driver meets your gift recipient and friend and shuttles them to the helicopter for a helicopter tour of their choice. Upon landing, we’ll bring them back to the restaurant where they’ll enjoy a delicious meal and reminisce about their flight. Prices start at $735 for two.

  1. Helicopter tour of your choice

For something a little less grand, yet no less memorable, we also offer a number of tours from Van Nuys Airport (ranging from $150 per person), including our Hooray for Hollywood, Hollywood and the Beach, California Coast and Canyons, Valleywood and Grand tours. Give the gift of a higher perspective of Los Angeles. Our tours are great for sightseeing visitors, natives to Los Angeles who’ve wanted to see the sights a new way, and even photographers looking to capture that unique shot. A gift certificate for a helicopter tour can be used anytime of the year.

  1. A first helicopter pilot lesson

helicopter pilot training

For a truly once in a lifetime experience, why not give the give of being a helicopter pilot for a day with a first helicopter flying lesson. We’ll provide a quick introduction to helicopter flight talk, then go out to the aircraft and fly. Your gift recipient will take the controls of a helicopter, learning to fly, climb, descend, take off, land, and the king of all helicopter skills, hover. Who knows, you may spark the next big career move! Introductory flights start at $450 and include 60 minutes of hands-on flight training that count toward an FAA pilot certificate and logbook to log that hour. If you’d like to go along, we can take up to two additional people in the R44 for $610 total.

Don’t go for a gift that might end up in the closet or garage. Give the gift of adventure this holiday season. We provide gift certificates for all of these adventures and can take a credit card over the phone to mail the certificate to the person of your choice. Call us at 818-994-9376 to learn more or email us at cl@group3aviation.com. We look forward to talking to you!

Giving Back to Our Community

Here at Group 3 Aviation, as a family-owned business for more than 20 years, we believe deeply in giving back to our community. As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to share some of our favorite charities and encourage your to consider giving to a cause that moves you.


Since opening its doors in the 1970s, MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity) has been transforming the lives of the neediest residents of the San Fernando Valley – poor children and their struggling families. More than 94 percent of the support and donations they receive goes toward providing emergency food, clothing, job training and placement assistance, English as a Second Language classes, youth activities, a Christmas program, and medical, vision and dental care.

MEND is located just across the street from the runway at Whiteman Airport in Pacoima, Calif., making it the perfect location to watch Santa arrive by helicopter. For many years now we’ve donated our time and helicopter to bring St. Nick in to visit families at MEND for their extremely popular Christmas Program.

From across the runway, eager young faces watch in anticipation as we fly by MEND and orbit so Santa can wave down to the crowd. When we land, he waves again before getting into a red Cadillac and is chauffeured to MEND where he greets the kids, poses for photos and gives out gifts. Seeing the magic and light of the season in each of those young faces is priceless.

If you’re looking for a good local charity this season, a donation or volunteering for MEND has immediate positive effects on people here in our community.

And if you’re around this Saturday, Dec. 10, stop by MEND to see us bring Santa in for his annual visit!

California Wildlife Center

The California Wildlife Center (CWC) provides emergency care, medical treatment, and rehabilitation to sick, injured, and orphaned California native wild animals throughout Los Angeles and Southern Ventura Counties.

Serving more than 4,300 animals annually from sea lions and seals to songbirds and coyotes, CWC has cared for more than 44,000 animals since it opened in 1998 while staff and volunteers have responded to more than 30,000 calls every year about injured wildlife, coexisting with wild neighbors, and general wildlife questions.

Relying on donations to support operations, the center receives no sustaining funding from the government. Each year we make not only cash contributions to the CWC, but our owners have also donated volunteer hours to care for injured animals. We feel it is our solumn duty to do what we can to help our native animals thrive. They were here long before the large populations of people.

You can learn more about the CWC at their website and please consider helping protect injured and orphaned native California wildlife.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Dedicated animal lovers and believers in sharing our world, we’re deeply concerned about elephant and rhino poaching. With close friends living in Africa and having visited several times, we’ve seen the damage first hand and the devastation of orphaned elephants and rhinos.

We did a lot of research and determined the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was one of the best investments to help not only injured and orphaned elephants and rhinos, but also to help put an end to poaching.

This amazing organization runs a full nursery and recovery center for the animals while at the same time educating the community and operating mobile veterinarian units and a full arsenal, that includes airplanes and helicopters, to fight poaching in hopes of stopping poachers before the damage is done.

Every year we adopt orphaned elephants and send financial support to help bring an end to the decline of these magnificent animals at the hands of poachers.

If you’ve been wondering what you can do to help these animals, consider looking into the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. It is money well spent.

However you choose to give back to your community this season, we encourage everyone to share their good fortune. It is truly better to give than receive. Happy Holidays!

Fly Above Thanksgiving Traffic with a Helicopter Charter

Traditionally the Thanksgiving holiday week is considered one of the busiest travel times of the year, and that fact isn’t lost on those who deal with gridlocked Los Angeles traffic and lines at SoCal airports. What if you could cut hours off your travel time? We can shorten your trip to the airport or even your SoCal destination with a helicopter charter.

Helicopter Charter to the Airport

Group 3 Aviation’s airport shuttle service is the most affordable in the Los Angeles basin. Using cost-effective and highly maintained Robinson R44 Raven II helicopters, we offer flights directly to SoCal’s major commercial airports, including LAX, Burbank, Ontario, Orange County and Long Beach.

While our home base is in Van Nuys, we offer pick up service from most regional airports in the Southland, and in some cases can even arrange private pick up from your private property.

And we’ll get you there so much faster. A flight from Van Nuys to LAX is only 20 minutes. Going to Long Beach? It’s only 25 minutes door to door. Orange County is a quick 40-minute flight, as opposed to hours on the freeway.

And our shuttle prices are per flight, not per seat, so go alone or bring along two others. It’s the same cost.

Helicopter Charter to your Destination

Let’s face it, simply crossing the Southland over Thanksgiving can take hours you’d rather spend with friends, family and food. Whether you’re headed to Santa Barbara, San Diego or even Las Vegas, we can get you there faster without the crowds, lines and security pat downs. Our helicopter charter service is the least expensive from our base of Van Nuys, but we’re willing to come to a small airport near you as well.

Our popular charter destinations include Santa Barbara (55-minute flight), San Diego (90-minute flight), and Palm Springs (80-minute flight).

Fly in comfort and security

Group 3 Aviation and all of our highly-qualified pilots are FAA Part 135 certified, meaning the FAA maintains an extra vigilant stance on our operations, requiring pilots, maintenance and operations to perform to a high standard for your safety. When you fly with us, you fly knowing you’re in the best hands, flying with a 20-year, family-owned helicopter company dedicated to service.

What you need to know before chartering

Other than sit back, relax and leave the work to us, here are a few quick things to know when chartering:

  • Helicopters by design are not suited for large amounts of luggage, but a small duffle bag per passenger (or small suitcase if two or fewer passengers are flying) is easily accommodated.
  • All prices are round-trip for the helicopter as the aircraft must return to base, but quoted times are one-way travel times. Should you require us to return to pick you up after your trip, the price is double. However, we do offer standby rates. Give us a call for an accurate standby quote based on your needs.
  • If an airport charges facility and landing fees, they’ll apply to the cost. Don’t worry, we’ll always inform you before hand.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to get above the Thanksgiving travel mess, give us a call today and we’ll get you there with time to spare. We’re standing by 24/7 to book your flight at 818-994-9376.

Call today for an affordable helicopter charter to cut your travel time and get you there faster.

Small Business Saturday!

Now there is even more reason for you to Shop Small® this holiday season!  On Saturday November 6th, receive 5% off any Group 3 Aviation Tour, Charter or Training Lesson.

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Learn more about this limited-time offer at americanexpress.com/shopnow.

Thanks for your support,

Group 3 Aviation Staff


Shop Small Offer AMEX terms and conditions

The Life-Saving Instrument Rating

A helicopter instrument rating, or IFR (instrument flight rules) rating is so much more than an opportunity to qualify for more helicopter jobs or lower insurance premiums. Quite simply, an IFR helicopter rating may very well save your life.

For many years, an IFR rating wasn’t required for pilots who didn’t actually fly under IMC (instrument meteorological conditions) in aircraft equipped to fly in the clouds. But the accident rate due to inadvertent IMC was high. Bad weather conditions would close in on pilots, trapping them with no outside visual clues or skills to safely exit. Many times these situations ended in tragedy.

Soon insurance companies and safety organizations began requiring IFR ratings for pilots, even if they were not flying aircraft equipped to fly in the clouds, in order to help reduce these accidents.

The honest truth is, the training received when working toward an IFR rating teaches you how to navigate by instruments alone, how to read the world of IFR charts, and how to use radio and GPS navigation without outside reference. IFR pilots gain a better three-dimensional understanding of their position and skill in navigating, making them better, and safer, pilots.

Instrument Helicopter Rating

While the cost of an IFR, or instrument rating, is a bit higher per hour due to the more specialized equipment in the aircraft, pilots at the beginning of their training can save thousands of dollars by incorporating their instrument rating into their commercial training.

A commercial helicopter rating from Group 3 Aviation (an FAA Part 141 flight school) requires 115 total hours. Our private pilot certificate requires a minimum of 35 hours. The difference in time between a private and commercial can be used to work toward an instrument rating. The cost difference is minimal compared to returning to school later in your career to pay the full cost of an instrument rating.

IFR Rating Requirements

At Group 3 Aviation, we provide IFR training in our Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter and our Frasca TruFlite Helicopter Flight Training Device. Students are required to receive 35 hours of flight instruction and 30 hours of ground school to receive an IFR rating. We recommend 21 hours in the R44 and 14 hours in the Frasca (which helps reduce the costs compared to receiving all flight instruction in the helicopter). Additionally, your flight instructor will provide you with 30 hours of ground school, assuring you’re familiar and comfortable with the navigating solely by instruments and fully knowledgeable of IFR rules and regulations.

Upon completion of your training, you’ll be recommended for your instrument rating. At that time you will take a written test, followed by an IFR practical test with an FAA-designated examiner who will both quiz you in a ground portion then fly with you to test your skill.

In the end, whether your goal is to fly for a living or simply for pleasure, you’ll not only experience the benefits of being a more marketable pilot and able to fly IFR-rated aircraft in the clouds, you’ll also have the peace of mind that you have the invaluable skill to safely navigate should you ever find yourself in IMC conditions.

FAA Test Prep Pays Off

If you needed a 70% to graduate in a whole new subject, you’d never dream of taking a final exam without cracking a single book on the subject or taking a course. The same should go for your FAA Knowledge Tests; especially the new Remote Pilot Certificate with Small UAS Rating.

Believe it or not, some do. We’ve been an FAA-approved Test Site for 18 years here at Group 3 Aviation. We’ve witnessed many students come in ready to take their tests. These are the folks that pass the first time, and often in record time. The tests really aren’t that difficult for those who know the material and are prepared.

However, we also see an alarmingly high number of folks arrive with no test preparation at all. Having taken a few flights, or even having flown a UAS for years, is still not enough to pass these comprehensive tests that are designed to prove your knowledge of the rules, regulations and penalties of breaking the rules, as well as the flight characteristics of the aircraft. Even for the Remote Pilot Certificate with Small UAS Rating, which some may think is an easy test, we continue to see people arrive unprepared and fail, costing them time (you must wait two weeks after failing the test to take it again) and the full price of a retest.

Proper FAA Test Prep

Often folks believe purchasing a test prep book, such as those offered by ASA, is enough to prepare for the test. If you are also receiving flight instruction and ground school in addition to studying books designed to fully immerse you in the topic while preparing with your test prep book, this can often provide the preparation you need.

However, if you’ve not been receiving instruction or taking ground school, the test prep is only a piece of the puzzle and should never be used in lieu of proper flight and ground school or self study. The test preps are designed to touch on important details as a refresher for information that could be asked on the test, and the practice questions may not be the ones on your test. They do not go into the depth needed to fully understand a subject and are certainly not designed to teach you everything you need to know to be a safe and responsible pilot, regardless of the aircraft you fly.

We encourage our own flight students to receive their ground and flight training prior to testing, not only so they gain a full working understanding of the material, but also to see how the rules and principles they’re learning are applied. This depth of understanding makes recalling the correct answer in a practical test very easy.

Test Prep for the Remote Pilot Certificate with Small UAS Rating

An instructor’s sign off isn’t required for this rating, leaving it open for anyone to test without proof of preparation. Sadly, we see a high percentage of first time test failures as a result.

In preparation for this test, we highly recommend students take the time to read the actual FAA documents and applicable parts of a private pilot book in addition to the test prep. By reading through these items, you gain an understanding of how the aviation environment works and why the rules are in place, making test taking easier and increasing the chances you’ll be a safer and more professional pilot. We’ve also provided a few hours of ground school on aviation charts, weather, aeronautical decision making, and the like to those who have requested it in order to properly prepare.

Here are the items we recommend testers review before arriving for the Remote Pilot Certificate with Small UAS Rating test:

The test covers the following topics, for which reading the above will prepare you:

  • Applicable regulations relating to small unmanned aircraft system rating privileges, limitations, and flight operation
  • Airspace classification and operating requirements, and flight restrictions affecting small unmanned aircraft operation
  • Aviation weather sources and effects of weather on small unmanned aircraft performance
  • Small unmanned aircraft loading and performance
  • Emergency procedures
  • Crew resource management
  • Radio communication procedures
  • Determining the performance of small unmanned aircraft
  • Physiological effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Aeronautical decision-making and judgment
  • Airport operations
  • Maintenance and preflight inspection procedures

Remember, every time you take the test, you pay again, and must wait 14 days. It’s well worth the time, and your future in aviation, to properly prepare yourself before taking any FAA Knowledge Test.

FAA Testing for UAS Rating Begins August 29

FAA begins UAS rating testing nationwide on Monday, August 29, 2016, for the new Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small UAS Rating.

Here is what you need to know to reserve your testing space and prepare for your test to receive your certificate, which will allow you to legally operate a small UAS (or drone) for commercial purposes.

Reserving a Testing Time

Our testing center is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. That said, we do what we can to accommodate our customers and if demand is high, we will stay open beyond those hours and even offer a few Sundays.

To reserve your testing appointment, call us at 818-994-9376 or email us cl@group3aviation.com

Requirements to Take the Test

All applicants must be 14 years of age. If you’ve taken the test and failed, you must wait 14 days before you can take the test again. No proof of additional training is required to retest after a failure.

You must bring government issued photo identification with a permanent address listed (no P.O. boxes) to take the test. We describe all the accepted types of identification for U.S. citizens, resident aliens and citizens of other countries on our FAA Testing Page.

You must pay the testing fee. The written test for the Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small UAS Rating costs $170 if paying by credit card, $165 if paying cash. We offer a $10.00 discount off those prices for AOPA or EAA Members.

Preparing for your Test

While no endorsements are required for your test (you don’t need a flight instructor to sign you off to take it), it’s a good idea to come prepared. The FAA has stated the test will have 60 questions and you will have two hours to complete the test. You will need to receive a 70% to pass.

The FAA has outlined airman certification standards for the Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small UAS Rating. Reading through those standards (found here) as well as the sample questions from the test will help prepare you in advance. Additionally, we highly recommend reading through the Advisory Circular 107-2, Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, which clearly outlines the rules and responsibilities of a UAS pilot in preparation. The FAA stated the test will cover the following topics:

  • Applicable regulations relating to small unmanned aircraft system rating privileges, limitations, and flight operation
  • Airspace classification and operating requirements, and flight restrictions affecting small unmanned aircraft operation
  • Aviation weather sources and effects of weather on small unmanned aircraft performance
  • Small unmanned aircraft loading and performance
  • Emergency procedures
  • Crew resource management
  • Radio communication procedures
  • Determining the performance of small unmanned aircraft
  • Physiological effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Aeronautical decision-making and judgment
  • Airport operations
  • Maintenance and preflight inspection procedures

It’s important to note the FAA has stated no ground school is required to take the knowledge test and no past training or courses taken will count toward your certificate. However, the FAA does encourage self-training, online training or taking a course to become familiar with the regulations.

Whatever you choose, be sure to study or prepare before the test, as a failure of the test requires you to take it again, repaying the fee. If you do fail the test, you’re allowed to take it again 14 days after your last attempt.

For more information on how to apply for your certificate, please visit our UAS Rating page.

Call now to reserve your testing appointment, 818-994-9376 or email us cl@group3aviation.com.