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Become a Group 3 Aviation Certified Flight Instructor.

Certified Flight Instructor CFI

At Group 3 Aviation, we focus on teaching safe and professional piloting skills, then go that extra mile to assure our graduates learn and gain experience in customer service and teamwork.

Certified Flight Instructor Instruments CFII

Our graduates and flight instructors are some of the most sought-after pilots in the industry, and for this reason they are able to find flight instructor jobs quickly.


With the best pool of candidates under our own roof, we at Group 3 Aviation hire entry-level flight instructors from our own Professional Helicopter Pilot graduates. We've gotten to know our pilots throughout their flight training and see firsthand those that not only possess the safety-awareness and skill needed to be a good flight instructor, but also those who work well as a team. However like any job, each candidate must meet the minimum job requirements. At Group 3 Aviation, we require all entry-level flight instructors to possess flight instructor and instrument instructor certificates.

Group 3 Aviation seeks people who are motivated to teach, enjoy flying and demonstrate the following:

  •       High motivation
  •       Excellent work ethic
  •       Flexible schedule
  •       Strong people skills
  •       Professional and mature presence
If you think you have what it takes to become a Certified Helicopter Pilot, please contact us for more information and enrollment.