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Private Helicopter Charter

From the mountains to the sea and across the Southland, we service all of Souther California and Nevada.

Airport Shuttle Flights

Group 3 Aviation helicopters are available to fly you above the congestion and costly delays directly to any area airport or any of the approved off airport helicopter landing areas.

Film Production

Group 3 Aviation, Inc holds a Motion Picture and Television Waiver and Authorization (Movie Manual) as approved by The Federal Aviation Administration. This affords us the ability to fly operations not permitted otherwise.

Power & Pipeline Control

Group 3 Aviation, Inc provides helicopter surveillance patrol overflying power and pipeline routes. We can provide visual observations or data capture from cameras or sensors mounted externally on our helicopters.

External Load & Long Line

Group 3 Aviation, Inc is FAA authorized to perform Class B External Load operations and holds FAA 133 External Load operations certificate. The R44 helicopter can lift up to 800 lbs. on an external line and is a cost-effective option to move equipment, particularly in remote or hard-to-access locations

Airborne Instrument Testing

Our helicopters can be rigged for airborne equipment and aerospace sensor testing. We have extensive experience working with federal and state government agencies as well as the largest private aerospace corporations to test military and civilian equipment in various test environments. Our ideal location in the heart of the San Fernando Valley offers us easy access to coastal, mountain, desert, urban and rural areas, all a short flight away, to help test your equipment in a variety of environments.

Search & Rescue

The helicopter is an effective aerial observation platform to search for missing persons, pets, or property in both remote and urban environments. In Southern California’s often unforgiving environment, time is valuable. An aerial platform allows you to search more area more efficiently. Our Spectrolab SX5 searchlight and stabilized Cineflex V14HD video camera system help us search and zoom in on potential areas of interest from hundreds of feet in the air.

Frost Control

Group 3 Aviation, Inc provides R44 helicopters for farm growers seeking frost-prevention support. The R44 helicopter is a cost-effective platform providing sufficient rotor down wash to disturb air around the crop and aids in prevention of frost damage and destruction of crops. The R44 is a cost-effective platform providing sufficient rotor down wash to disturb air around the crop, promoting drying in cold and moist conditions.