Aerial Photography

We offer full Aerial Filming Services and Helicopter Flights for Third-Party Photographers.

Aerial Filming Services

Our sister company INDIE AERIALS, INC. specializes in helicopter aerial photography services for studio TV and film production companies, news services, social or sporting events coverage, corporate promotions, commercials, real estate development, private functions, utility companies, and government services at local, state, and federal levels for various purposes including surveillance. We have experience in all aspects of aerial production and guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of services we provide.

INDIE AERIALS focuses on affordability and has developed cost-effective packages using the Robinson R44 II or Schweizer 300CBi helicopters. We also offer the larger Airbus AS350 'Astar' helicopter when higher performance is required. Check out our Indie Aerials Productions website at

Please call INDIE AERIALS at 818-988-9382 to schedule Aerial Filming Services

See below to schedule charter flight services for Still Photographers.
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Still Photographer's Photo Flights

Group 3 Aviation provides aerial services for still photographers and professionals. Unlike our standard sightseeing tour packages, this is a specialized flight. Pricing is in hour increments and covers the Los Angeles and Southern California area. Doors are removed for an unobstructed view.

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Let us do the heavy lifting and take you and your gear to the hottest spots and most dynamic viewing angles in the southland.

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UAS / Drone Imaging Services

Group 3 Aviation is now Authorized to operate Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) to conduct motion picture filming, videography, mapping, inspections, surveys, marketing, aerial acquisition, search and rescue, photography, and training.

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