Your First Helicopter Flight Lesson

Learn to fly a helicopter

Helicopter flight training is something you’ll never forget. During your first helicopter flight lesson, your instructor will first cover the basics about the helicopter model you’ll fly, its controls and the effect each control input has during a climb, descent, straight and level, and hovering flight. Then you will get a tour of the aircraft and see a pre-flight check where the pilot assures the aircraft is airworthy and safe for flight. From there you’ll take to the air on your first helicopter flight lesson. During this time you will learn to fly a helicopter, taking the controls with the help of your flight instructor and experience first hand see what it is like to pilot a helicopter. This flight is usually conducted locally, departing out of Van Nuys Airport.

This lesson includes a pre-flight brief covering safety and helicopter controls on the ground followed by an extended 60-minute hands-on flight!

You have a choice to train in either the Schweizer 300 CBi or the Robinson R-44 helicopter:

  • Schweizer 300 CBi Helicopter  $500
  • Robinson R-44 Helicopter  $660

With the ground school and flight combined, you will have a basic understanding of how to fly a helicopter. There is no obligation for you to continue lessons; this is offered to give you insight into helicopter flight. The flight time received does count towards your FAA certificate should you wish to continue lessons toward a Private or Commercial certificate.