Our flight training helicopter fleet includes two different makes and models of helicopter, the Robinson R44 Raven II and the Schweizer 300CBi. We believe it is crucial that career driven pilots do not limit their experience to one aircraft. Often experience in different aircraft can be the difference that lands the first job. Also, for those simply seeking to learn to fly for fun, the ability to try different aircraft at the same school will help you identify the aircraft that is most comfortable to you.

Our Helicopter Fleet

Schweizer 300CBi Helicopter

The 300CBi helicopter offers forgiving flight characteristics, making it the ideal flight training helicopter. Because of the stability of the aircraft, student pilots learning in the Schweizer achieve solo flight ratings with 20 to 30% fewer hours than other helicopters. Its ample power reserve, high kinetic energy available in its three-bladed rotor system, stable yet responsive handling properties, and excellent auto rotational characteristics all contribute to the Schweizer superiority for helicopter flight training. Additionally, the Schweizer helicopter is not subject to Special Federal Aviation Regulation 73 (SFAR73), the rule that imposes restrictions on the R22 as a training helicopter.

Some Features of the 300CBi:
• Large, comfortable cockpit with conventional helicopter flight controls
• Stable and forgiving flight characteristics
• The 300CBi has a fuel-injected Lycoming HIO-360-G1A engine with Maximum Continuous 180 she (shaft horse power)
• Schweizer’s electronic STAR System (start up over speed limiter, automatic rotor engagement, and low rotor RPM warning)
• Unsurpassed safety and crashworthiness characteristics

Of all these features of the Schweizer, none are more important than safety and crashworthiness. Its superior student margins enable a pilot to make a mistake and provide plenty of time for an instructor to recover the helicopter.

These effective trainers have proven well in our rugged Southern California training environment and account for approximately 90% of primary training for our students enrolled in our professional pilot programs.

Specifications for the Schweizer 300CBi:

Maximum speed (VNE (Kias)) at sea Level: 94 knots
Cruise Speed: 80 knots
Max endurance: (32 gal) 3.0 hrs
Max range: (32 gal) 220 mi
Hover ceiling IGE: 7,000 ft (in ground effect)
Hover ceiling OGE: 4,800 ft (out of ground effect)
Hover ceiling calculated for 1,600 lb at sea level

Weight / Fuel:
Empty weight: 1,088 lb
Gross weight: 1,750 lb
Useful load: 662 lb
Standard capacity: 32 gallons/192 lb

Robinson R44 Raven II

The R44 Raven II has proven to be a perfect transition platform to larger aircraft. The R44 has been the ideal 4-place helicopter for training, aerial photography, tours, and charter at Group 3 Aviation since 1995.

The R44 Raven II is equipped with a fuel-injected, angle-valve, tuned-induction, IO-540 Lycoming engine which produces substantial power, giving the Raven II greater altitude performance, more payload, and increased speed over similar aircraft. The new fuel-injected engine provides higher power for better performance and eliminates the need for carburetor heat. The engine is derated to 245 HP for 5 minutes and 205 HP maximum continuous rating, to assure a longer life and lower cost of maintenance. Overall, the Raven II provides a favorable 100 lb increase in the R44’s gross weight and increased IGE and OGE hover ceilings, while eliminating the carburetor and carburetor icing problems.

Specifications for the Robinson R44 Raven II:

Cruise speed: up to 135 mph (117 kts)
Maximum range (no reserve): approx 400 miles (348 nm)
Hover ceiling IGE at 2,500 lb: 8,950 feet
Hover ceiling OGE at 2,300 lb: 7,500 feet
Hover ceiling OGE at 2,500 lb: 4,500 feet
Rate-of-climb at 2,500 lb and 6,000 feet: over 1,000 fpm
Maximum operating altitude: 14,000 feet

Weight / Fuel:
Gross weight: 2,500 lb
Empty weight equipped (incl oil & avionics): 1,506 lb
Standard fuel (30.6 gal): 184 lb
Auxiliary fuel (18.3 gal): 110 lb
Passengers and baggage w/standard fuel:  810 lb
Passengers and baggage w/auxiliary fuel: 700 lb