Learning to fly a helicopter is a rewarding and exciting career or hobby that will serve you your entire life. A lot of research goes into finding the right school for you. One important item to consider when researching flight schools is the helicopter fleet offered for your training.

Helicopter Fleet and Flight Training

When investigating the ideal flight training facility, it’s important to consider your helicopter fleet options. Does the school limit you with only one helicopter make and model? Do you have options to build experience in different engine types, rotor systems and power systems? Are there choices that allow you to choose the aircraft you’re most comfortable flying?

One downfall of many a helicopter training school is the fact that they only teach their students to fly one type of helicopter. Here at Group 3 Aviation, we ensure that students who attend our Los Angeles helicopter school are trained and able to fly a variety of helicopters as this can make a huge difference when it comes to applying for pilot positions.

A Starting Point for Our Students

All students enrolling at our helicopter training school will begin their training in the Schweizer 300CBi helicopter. These two-place flight machines offer excellent handling properties and auto-rotational characteristics making them ideal for beginner students. As a result, many students are able to earn their ratings far quicker than in other helicopter models, saving hundreds of dollars. One of the main features of these helicopters is their safety. Their exceptionally stable rotor system is not prone to dangers posed when learning to fly on two-blade systems and it provides plenty of time for an instructor to correct student errors. Most of our primary student training is undertaken in these helicopters to save students money, build confidence and increase safety.

Upgrading to the Robinson R44 Raven II

This very popular model of helicopter provides the perfect opportunity for students who are ready to transition to something larger and more maneuverable. With a two-blade rotor system and a larger engine, students also receive valuable education and experience with different aircraft. The R44’s four-seat capacity has also made it ideal for our helicopter tours, charter trips and aerial photography trips. The R44 II offers slightly higher speeds of around 135 mph as well as a range of approximately 400 miles. Once a student has mastered the art of flying this model, they are usually able to fly almost any other helicopter, as these are relatively advanced machines.

Enrolling for Our Flight Training Courses

Contrary to popular belief, students who wish to fly helicopters do not need to know how to fly a plane beforehand. We encourage those who wish to enroll in our helicopter flight training program to come in for a low-cost demo flight, where we’ll provide ground and flight training, giving you a taste of being a helicopter pilot as you take the controls. While you’re here, we’ll show you our aircraft and let you see, feel, touch, ask questions about and even fly one to help you determine the best choice for you.

Students who go on to become helicopter pilots usually enjoy an exciting and lucrative career that can last for many years. And of course, it’s just really, really cool!