FAR 141 Flight Instructor Instrument Course Rotorcraft – Helicopter

The helicopter certified flight instructor instrument (CFII) certificate, sometimes referred to as a helicopter instrument instructor rating, allows a pilot to work as a flight and ground instructor, teaching instrument flight and ground courses for IFR certification. The FAR 141 Flight Instructor Instrument course requires a minimum of 15 hours of flight instruction and 15 hours ground instruction for the instrument instructor certificate. Students training 3-5 days per week can complete the program in 3-5 weeks. Our program utilizes the Robinson R44 II Helicopter and Frasca TruFlite Helicopter Flight Training Device for helicopter instrument instructor, or CFII, training.


Helicopter Instrument Instructor

As an instrument flight instructor, you can begin your flying career by teaching others to fly by instruments for their initial IFR ratings, additional IFR ratings, and ATP ratings as well as conducting instrument proficiency checks. The CFII training program is part of Group 3 Aviation’s FAA-approved coordinated syllabus designed to incorporate the teaching of aeronautical knowledge and the practical application of that knowledge to in-flight training. The course syllabus is made up of three stages, with each stage requiring a written exam and stage check flights with our chief flight instructor or assistant chief instructor. Each phase follows a planned progression incorporating academic studies and flight training in the aircraft.

CFII students will be trained to deal with real-life situations that will enhance their confidence and teaching abilities, including learning traditional and advanced navigation using the latest technology. At the end of the course CFII students will be proficient in all aspects of instrument flight and use of technically advanced GPS equipment.

Ground Instruction includes the following topics:

  • Flight instruments and navigation equipment – traditional and advanced GPS
  • Regulations and publications related to IFR operations
  • IFR cross-country flight planning
  • Air traffic control procedures
  • Course outline and lesson planning
  • Pre-flight inspections

In-flight training incorporates instructional techniques on:

  • Attitude instrument flying
  • Navigation
  • Holds
  • cross-country procedures
  • Terminal, instrument approach, departure and en route procedures
  • Emergency maneuvers
  • Traditional and GPS [GNSS] navigation systems

FAA Requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Read, speak, write, and understand English.
  • Hold at least a commercial certificate with an instrument rating or airline transport pilot (ATP) certificate with an aircraft category and class rating appropriate to the flight instructor rating for which the course applies
  • Complete the course requirement of 15 hours flight time
  • Pass an FAA knowledge test
  • Pass an FAA oral and flight test
  • An FAA-issued medical certificate

Flight Instructor – Instrument Rotorcraft / Helicopter Course Costs in the Robinson R44:

Course prices based on FAA minimums.

  • 14 hours flight instruction with Instructor: $8,750
  • 1 hour Dual Instruction in FAA Approved IFR Helicopter FTD: $190
  • 15 hours ground instruction: $1,050
  • Total: $9,990

Additional Required Costs:

  • Books and materials: $250
  • FAA knowledge test :$155
  • FAA oral and practical exam: $750
  • 2 hour of helicopter rental for flight exam: $1080
  • Total additional costs. $2,235

Due to the unpredictable cost of aviation fuel, Group 3 Aviation incorporates a variable hourly aircraft fuel surcharge rate. This allows for an adjustment to your course price based on the actual pump price of our fuel purchases. The flight costs estimated do not include fuel surcharges. All rates are based on the block rates. The rates are wet with fuel covered up to $4.00 per gallon and surcharges are applied past this fuel rate.

Additional Estimated costs – Costs for books are estimated and are purchased online.

Robinson R22/R44 students must meet SFAR73 2(a)3(i-iv) Awareness Training requirements prior to manipulating the flight controls.

A Rental Deductible Waiver is required for rental of Group 3 Aviation helicopters when a company flight instructor is not aboard. Waivers can be purchased through Group 3 Aviation. The cost for Schweizer 300 CBi is $700 for a 1 year waiver and hourly rate waivers are also available. This includes rental of aircraft for solo flights during flight training and practical exams. The waiver covers the 10% aircraft hull insurance deductible in the event of an accident and does not protect you from liability.

Rental of aircraft for the practical flight exam or “check ride” can be up to 2.0 hours but average is about 1.5 hours of flight time during a flight exam.

Designated Pilot Examiner (commonly referred to as a DPE) is a senior pilot designated by the FAA to conduct oral examinations and inflight or flight simulator check rides (collectively called “practical tests”) with pilot applicants to determine their suitability to be issued a Pilot Certificate or additional rating on their Pilot Certificate. Group 3 has a DPE on staff and can also arrange a check ride with the other DPE’s for CFI and CFII courses or if staff DPE is unavailable.

FTD – Group 3 Aviation’s training equipment includes the FAA Approved Frasca TruFlite-H Flight Training Device for helicopters. Rates current as of 9/21/2015

Required Books:

  • Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) for the R44
  • Jeppesen ICM
  • FAA Instrument Flying Handbook
  • Aviation Instructor’s Handbook
  • Rotorcraft Flying Handbook
  • FAA Aviation Weather
  • Principles of Helicopter Flight
  • FAR/AIM Current Edition
  • ASA Prepware: Instrument Certified Flight Instructor Current Edition
  • ASA Practical Test Standards for Instrument Flight Instructor Rotorcraft
  • Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
  • Airport Facility Directory – California Current Edition

Required Pilot Supplies:

  • E6B Flight Computer [Manual]
  • Flight Plotter [Rotational style]
  • Standard Pilot Logbook
  • Flashlight with red and white light features
  • Ultimate Knee-Board

Aeronautical Charts:

  • Los Angeles Sectional
  • Los Angeles Terminal
  • Los Angeles Helicopter Route Chart
  • IFR Low Altitude Enroute [NOS]
  • Terminal Instrument Procedures [NOS]
  • Other terminal procedures are available through Jeppesen

Other Equipment

Group 3 Aviation equips each helicopter with David Clark headsets at no extra cost. However, we recommend pilots purchase their own headset when learning to fly a helicopter for personal use and comfort. We recommend either Bose or David Clark headsets for our helicopters.