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5 Perfect Adventure Gifts for the Holidays

Looking for the perfect gift of adventure you know will be used and loved this holiday season? Give the adventure gift of helicopter flight as an experience your loved one will never forget. Here at Group 3 Aviation, we have a number of unique and unforgettable options, and we offer gift certificates for them all so the flight can be booked anytime.

  1. Private hilltop picnic in Malibu and helicopter tour

For the perfect pairing of adventure and solitude, consider a Malibu Peak picnic landing and helicopter tour. On this special trip, you can choose morning, afternoon or evening and we’ll cater accordingly. In a morning flight, we’ll whisk your gift recipient and up to two additional people off to our exclusive Malibu Peak landing site where they can enjoy coffee or mimosas and pastries before heading out for a special tour of the coast and Hollywood on the return trip. Our early evening trip includes wine or champagne, cheeses and other tasty treats, and a view of the sunset before taking the tour.

All tours include 30 minutes to enjoy the view and solitude of our grassy pad. Want to increase the adventure? We can add a longer Grand Tour after the private landing to make it the ultimate gift of adventure. Prices start at $380 per person.

  1. Helicopter ride and wine tasting

Pair wine and adventure with a flight for two people from Van Nuys to Santa Ynez for a private tasting tour with Sustainable Wines. After being swept away by helicopter, enjoy a private four-hour tasting tour around Santa Ynez, visiting vineyards and tasting wines based on the tastes of your gift recipient, before flying back home. This whole day adventure includes helicopter flight, private tasting tour for two, and transportation by one of Sustainable Wine’s own owners in a Tesla Model X SUV. The price for this package is $3,070.

  1. Evening Helicopter tour and dinner for two

If your loved one is an avid aviation buff, consider our fly and dine experience. We’ve partnered with the famous 94th Aero Squadron to offer dinner and a view to be remembered. Decorated with World War I and World War II memorabilia, the 94th Aero Squadron offers sweeping views of Van Nuys Airport and wide range of lunch and dinner selections specializing in prime steaks and fresh seafood entrees. Our fly and dine experience begins at the restaurant where our Group 3 Aviation driver meets your gift recipient and friend and shuttles them to the helicopter for a helicopter tour of their choice. Upon landing, we’ll bring them back to the restaurant where they’ll enjoy a delicious meal and reminisce about their flight. Prices start at $735 for two.

  1. Helicopter tour of your choice

For something a little less grand, yet no less memorable, we also offer a number of tours from Van Nuys Airport (ranging from $150 per person), including our Hooray for Hollywood, Hollywood and the Beach, California Coast and Canyons, Valleywood and Grand tours. Give the gift of a higher perspective of Los Angeles. Our tours are great for sightseeing visitors, natives to Los Angeles who’ve wanted to see the sights a new way, and even photographers looking to capture that unique shot. A gift certificate for a helicopter tour can be used anytime of the year.

  1. A first helicopter pilot lesson

helicopter pilot training

For a truly once in a lifetime experience, why not give the give of being a helicopter pilot for a day with a first helicopter flying lesson. We’ll provide a quick introduction to helicopter flight talk, then go out to the aircraft and fly. Your gift recipient will take the controls of a helicopter, learning to fly, climb, descend, take off, land, and the king of all helicopter skills, hover. Who knows, you may spark the next big career move! Introductory flights start at $450 and include 60 minutes of hands-on flight training that count toward an FAA pilot certificate and logbook to log that hour. If you’d like to go along, we can take up to two additional people in the R44 for $610 total.

Don’t go for a gift that might end up in the closet or garage. Give the gift of adventure this holiday season. We provide gift certificates for all of these adventures and can take a credit card over the phone to mail the certificate to the person of your choice. Call us at 818-994-9376 to learn more or email us at We look forward to talking to you!

Show Dad the Sky is the Limit this Father’s Day with a Helicopter Ride

Give dad the gift of excitement and unforgettable adventure this Father’s Day with a helicopter ride tailored to his interests.

Surprise dad with a tour of the city, a flight along the coast, or a unique fly and dine adventure. At Group 3 Aviation we offer a number of unique Father’s Day gift ideas guaranteed to please any sense of adventure and budget, and leave dad smiling and talking about this day for many years to come.

Helicopter Tour of Los Angeles

If dad is a big movie fan, consider a helicopter tour of Los Angeles’ most notable landmarks and movie locations in a way he’s never experienced them before – from the air. Imagine Sunset Boulevard laid out before him and up close views of the Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory, Tower Records and the Hollywood Bowl. He’ll cruise over the hills with a front row seat to the stars’ homes and Los Angeles’ most famous movie studios while enjoying an unobstructed view all the way to the ocean. Our Los Angeles tour packages start at $150 per person and can be customized to his own unique interests.

Fly & Dine

If dad is an aviation buff, he’ll love our fly and dine experience. We’ve partnered with the famous 94th Aero Squadron to offer dinner and a view he’ll not soon forget. Decorated with World War I and World War II memorabilia, the 94th Aero Squadron offers sweeping views of Van Nuys Airport, allowing dad to sit back and watch the world of aviation buzz around him. Our fly and dine experience begins at the restaurant where our Group 3 Aviation driver meets dad and brings him to his helicopter for a helicopter tour of his choice. Upon landing, we’ll bring him back to the restaurant where he’ll enjoy a special meal. If you’d like to make your fly and dine experience on Father’s Day itself, check out the 94th Aero Squadron’s special menu for that day. We can also schedule any day of the week and provide you with a certificate to present dad.

Landing and Adventure Experiences

For the ultimate fly and play experience, treat dad to an all-out adventure at breathtaking Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu. A vineyard, winery, celebrated movie location, and working ranch with many exotic animals, this little slice of paradise offers visitors the perfect picnic spot, wine tasting and even a personal safari. With this adventure, dad will arrive by helicopter and enjoy his choice of experiences, then return again by air for a day he’ll talk about for years. Our Saddlerock Ranch excursions can be customized with a catered picnic, wine tasting, a safari and even and extended helicopter tour on the way back, starting at $1,498 for two.

Learn to Fly

For a truly once in a lifetime experience, why not make him a helicopter pilot for a day with his very first helicopter flying lesson. We’ll give him a quick introduction to helicopter flight, then take him out to his aircraft. He will take the controls of a helicopter, learning to fly, climb, descend, take off, land, and the king of all helicopter skills, hover. Who knows, you may spark his next big career move! Introductory flights start at $450 and include 60 minutes of hands on flight training that count toward an FAA pilot certificate and dad gets his very own logbook at the end. If you’d like to go along on dad’s flight lesson, we can take two additional people in the R44 for $610 total.

Whether it’s a quick tour of the local sights, a unique destination trip or the chance to be a helicopter pilot for a day, dad will love a Father’s Day Gift from Group 3 Aviation. Give us a call today to book your adventure or purchase a gift certificate dad can use to plan his own great escape.

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Best Time to Visit Los Angeles

Unlike some international destinations, Los Angeles, the City of Angeles, offers something for everyone year-round, making every day a good day for visiting Los Angeles. However, we have a few insider tips to help you schedule the best time to visit Los Angeles. The largest metropolitan area in California, Los Angeles and its surrounding cities, beaches and mountains offer a little something for every taste. While there are great things to do year-round, here are a few insider tips for the best time to visit L.A.

Best Time to Visit Los Angeles

Looking to enjoy the sights without a few million of your closest friends? The spring (March through May) and fall (September through November) offer the warmth and beauty of the area without the crowds. Popular amusement parks see lower numbers when the majority of the country’s children are in school and beaches offer more peace. Lines are shorter at tourist attractions and the entertainment industry is in full swing with more opportunities for tickets to show tapings.

Also, with the oppressive summer heat away, the air is clearer in the basin, not only offering more breathability but also stunning views of the mountains surrounding the area. In our opinion, these are the most beautiful times to take a helicopter tour of Los Angeles. You can literally see for miles, up into the high desert and out to the islands all in the same flight.

Best weather in Los Angeles

Historically, our weather is hot in the summer, pushing folks to the mountains and beaches to escape the heat. Spring and fall cool off a bit, making all of Los Angeles comfortable and enjoyable, with average temperatures being in the 60s and 70s. There is less of a chance of precipitation during the spring months, making walking around and sightseeing all the more pleasant for tourists. In the fall, the temperatures are a bit higher than spring, lingering in the 70s, but travel rates are much cheaper with no high travel time between Labor Day in September and Thanksgiving in November.

Often, the weather is warm enough in the early fall for tourists to enjoy the beaches of the Los Angeles area without the crowds.

Things to Do in Los Angeles

The number of things to see and do in Los Angeles are almost as limitless as your imagination. Aside from the usual tourist attractions and amusement parks, there are a number of local events taking place year round. In the spring, line up to see all of your favorite actors and actresses as they celebrate the year’s great films with the Academy Awards. Checkout the California Poppy Festival and UCLA Jazz/Reggae Festival, or head out to Coachella. As for the fall months, visitors can partake in the Orange Street Fair, or experience a new movie-going experience at the Downtown Film Festival, for starters.

No matter what reason you have for vacationing in Los Angeles, the spring and fall months can be best times to do so. The weather is great, crowds are smaller, and there is a wide variety of activities to experience. Check visiting Los Angeles off your bucket list this spring or fall and be sure to include a helicopter tour!

Burn through Your Layover with a Los Angeles Helicopter Tour

Sometimes those long layovers are just not long enought to take in the sights. Unless you have a helicopter. Instead of waiting in the airport, a Los Angeles Helicopter Tour will get you out and about to see the sights. A helicopter ride for a surefire way to see all that the city has to offer in a short amount of time.

Basic Los Angeles Helicopter Tours

Los Angeles helicopter tours run from about 25 minutes to up to an hour and a half and will take you above the city’s famous skyline, Hollywood sign, Staples Center, Nokia Theater, Playboy Mansion, Malibu, major film studios, Mann’s Chinese theater, the Hollywood Hills, the Dolby Theater where the Academy Awards are held, and Beverly Hills. Our longer tours will even take you past our famous beaches.

Act Like a VIP

There isn’t a bad time to take a Los Angeles helicopter tour. Many helicopter touring companies will pick you up at any airport and take you on your private tour. Have time for a little more adventure> Some companies offer what are known as fly and dine dinner deals, where you can treat yourself to a nice dinner before hopping aboard a helicopter and seeing the sights of Los Angeles. Los Angeles exclusively with their friends.

Spot-the-Celebrity Helicopter Tour

When you think of Los Angeles, you probably think of the gaggles of celebrities living in palatial homes in the city. A Los Angeles helicopter tour takes you above the homes of the rich and famous in posh neighborhoods such as Beverly Hills, Beverly Glen, Brentwood, Bel Air, Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica Hills. These tours usually fly guests above such famous locations as The Griffith Park Observatory (where you can spot the famous Hollywood sign), Mann’s Chinese Theater (home to all those footprints and handprints) and the Dolby Theater (home to the Academy Awards).

Beach Helicopter Tours

Want to see the coastlines of Los Angeles? Some Los Angeles helicopter tours allow you to get a seagull’s eye view of Santa Monica beach where you might be able to spot dolphins, whales and sharks. These tours also take you above the pier, where you can spot the games, rides and the people crowding the pier. Another tour could take you to the L.A. Harbor, Manhattan Beach, Cabrillo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and the South Bay.

Twilight Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours aren’t just for the daytime hours. Experience the magical feeling of having the city lights at your feet by taking a twilight Los Angeles helicopter tour. Most nighttime helicopter tours fly above the Forrest Lawn, Universal Studios, the famous Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory, Dodger stadium, Hollywood Boulevard, the Walk of Fame and, of course, the beautiful L.A. skyline. No view can possibly top the sparkling lights of the City of Angels.

Got a layover and not sure what to do? Any of the above helicopter tours will give you a brief, yet memorable glimpse of some of the world’s most famous landmarks, sparing you that boring wait in the airport lounge.


Valentine's Day Helicopter Tour

Romantic Valentine’s Day Helicopter Tour

Looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea that will be remembered for a lifetime? A romantic Valentine’s Day helicopter tour is just what you’re looking for, complete with refreshments for two, a priceless view and your choice of the sights of Los Angeles.

Romantic Helicopter Tours

At Group 3 Aviation, we offer a few very special opportunities on Valentine’s Day you’ll not find anywhere else. We’ve taken three of our already spectacular tours, mixed them with an extra dash of romance and are offering them one day only, completely private for two.

You can choose our Hollywood and Beach Tour, taking in the Malibu and Santa Monica Bay coastline then turning inland toward Beverly Hills and Hollywood, or our Grand Tour, which includes the shoreline, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. To make it extra special, combine either of these breathtaking Valentine’s Day helicopter tour with a private Champagne toast atop our grassy Malibu Peak landing site. With this tour, you’ll land on our private hilltop grass pad above Malibu where you can relish 15 minutes of seclusion and breathtaking views as you enjoy a special Valentine’s Champagne (or wine, or juice, or water) toast.

The Tour of a Lifetime

For your private helicopter tour, we welcome you at our Van Nuys Airport reception area with fruit, cheese and crackers, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries and some bubbly. Once the mood is set, you take off in your helicopter, heading west over the San Fernando Valley and Malibu Canyon.

If you’ve chosen a Malibu Peak landing, we then land on our grassy pad so you can enjoy the magnificent view and share a toast.

From there we take in your choice of the sights of Los Angeles before retuning to Van Nuys. Upon arrival we send you and your sweetheart off with a rose and balloon to make your special adventure complete.

Design your Helicopter Tour and Toast

When you book, choose one of two Valentine's Day Helicopter Tourspecialized helicopter tours and whether or not you’d like to include a Malibu Peak landing. Please note we can only land at our grassy knoll from sunrise to sunset, but our helicopter tours are available day or night.

If you plan to include a Malibu landing, you’ll also be offered a choice of refreshments you’d like to have for your Malibu peak toast. Don’t prefer Champagne? No problem! You tell us what you prefer (wine, juice, sparkling water) and we will have it ready for you.

Love the idea of this tour, but don’t want to get too gushy? No problem. We offer all of these tours every day, including a regular Malibu Peak Landing Helicopter Tour with a 30- to 40-minute landing for a full picnic of refreshments of your choice. We’re happy to make up a gift certificate for any of these tours for you to give to a loved one.

Valentine’s Day Helicopter Tour Details

These special tours are available one-day only, Sunday, Feb. 14. Book soon to reserve your preferred tour and time.

Hooray for Hollywood OR California Coast Private Valentine’s Day Helicopter Tour: $390 per couple for 30 minutes.

Hollywood & the Beach Private Valentine’s Day Helicopter Tour (Hollywood, Beaches, downtown Los Angeles): $520 per couple for 45 minutes.

Malibu Landing with a Hollywood and Beach Tour: $740 per couple for 45 minutes.

Malibu Landing with a Grand Tour: $890 per couple for 60 minutes.

Call today to arrange your tour: (818) 994-9376

Combine a breathtaking helicopter tour with a private picnic landing atop our exclusive Malibu Peak landing site at sunset this Valentine’s Day. Depart from Van Nuys Airport, heading west over the San Fernando Valley for Malibu Canyon, followed by a 30 to 45 minute landing on our private hilltop grass pad above Malibu where you can enjoy your choice of refreshments.

When you depart, we’ll take you on your choice of a number of Southland Packaged Helicopter Tours by Group 3 Aviation for your trip back to the airport.


For further information check out our Malibu Peak Landing Helicopter Tours or view all of our Exciting Tour Adventures for the most memorable Valentine’s Day ever!

Call today to arrange your tour: (818) 994-9376 – Contact Info – Online Booking


LA’s 5 Best Tourist Attractions

Millions of people visit Los Angeles each year. With so much to do and see, it can be hard to decide where you should spend your time while in the City of Angels. Below are 5 of the best Los Angeles tourist attractions to check out while vacationing in California.


1. Beverly Hills

One of the top LA tourist attractions, and possibly the most famed destination on the map, Beverly Hills is home to some of the world’s most beloved stars and starlets. The acclaimed University of California Los Angeles resides in Beverly Hills, as does the famous Beverly Wilshire Hotel and the Greystone Mansion. These landmarks are sure to make the vacation plans, along with the homes of Dean Martin, Richard Nixon, and even Jennifer Aniston.


2. Sunset Strip

Check out this vintage Sunset Strip video from 1964.
Looking for a blast from the past? The Sunset Strip is one of the most historically famous tourist attractions in Los Angeles. For the most part, the original landmarks are still there and conducting business, including Whiskey A Go Go, the Roxy, and the Comedy Store. While some landmarks, like Tower Records, are long gone, the Sunset Strip is still a great place to check out that is full of years of history and iconic buildings.


3. Hollywood Walk of Fame

Perhaps one of the most famous of the Los Angeles tourist attractions, the 18-block Hollywood Walk of Fame offers a perfect photo opportunity for all its visitors. The best part is that the celebrities never mind posing! As if that were not enough, the Walk of Fame is also a great place to spot actual celebrities venturing into their favorite bars and restaurants along LA’s Hollywood bar scene.


4. Rodeo Drive

Contrary to popular belief, Rodeo drive is more populated with tourists slinging cameras rather than esteemed shoppers waving their purchases around. If you have saved up some, you could venture into one of Rodeo Drive’s upscale boutiques, including Tiffany, Prada, Gucci, and Tom Ford. You may not spot a celebrity walking around, but you can experience luxury shopping in one of the country’s most famous destinations.

5. Grauman’s Chinese Theater

This historic movie theater on the heart of Hollywood Boulevard is sure to make the list of Los Angeles tourist attractions. Since it’s opening in 1927 with the film “The King of Kings”, the theater has been home to a number of noted movie premiers since, including the premier of “Star Wars”. While you are there, be sure to check out the concrete blocks in the forecourt – they are glittering with the stars of Hollywood, both past and present.

Los Angeles is a destination full of rich Hollywood history, amazing shopping, and family friendly venues. No matter what your interests are, there are a number of LA tourist attractions that will satisfy your needs. If you are planning a trip to the Sunshine State, make sure Los Angeles is at the top of your list of places to see.


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