Unlike some international destinations, Los Angeles, the City of Angeles, offers something for everyone year-round, making every day a good day for visiting Los Angeles. However, we have a few insider tips to help you schedule the best time to visit Los Angeles. The largest metropolitan area in California, Los Angeles and its surrounding cities, beaches and mountains offer a little something for every taste. While there are great things to do year-round, here are a few insider tips for the best time to visit L.A.

Best Time to Visit Los Angeles

Looking to enjoy the sights without a few million of your closest friends? The spring (March through May) and fall (September through November) offer the warmth and beauty of the area without the crowds. Popular amusement parks see lower numbers when the majority of the country’s children are in school and beaches offer more peace. Lines are shorter at tourist attractions and the entertainment industry is in full swing with more opportunities for tickets to show tapings.

Also, with the oppressive summer heat away, the air is clearer in the basin, not only offering more breathability but also stunning views of the mountains surrounding the area. In our opinion, these are the most beautiful times to take a helicopter tour of Los Angeles. You can literally see for miles, up into the high desert and out to the islands all in the same flight.

Best weather in Los Angeles

Historically, our weather is hot in the summer, pushing folks to the mountains and beaches to escape the heat. Spring and fall cool off a bit, making all of Los Angeles comfortable and enjoyable, with average temperatures being in the 60s and 70s. There is less of a chance of precipitation during the spring months, making walking around and sightseeing all the more pleasant for tourists. In the fall, the temperatures are a bit higher than spring, lingering in the 70s, but travel rates are much cheaper with no high travel time between Labor Day in September and Thanksgiving in November.

Often, the weather is warm enough in the early fall for tourists to enjoy the beaches of the Los Angeles area without the crowds.

Things to Do in Los Angeles

The number of things to see and do in Los Angeles are almost as limitless as your imagination. Aside from the usual tourist attractions and amusement parks, there are a number of local events taking place year round. In the spring, line up to see all of your favorite actors and actresses as they celebrate the year’s great films with the Academy Awards. Checkout the California Poppy Festival and UCLA Jazz/Reggae Festival, or head out to Coachella. As for the fall months, visitors can partake in the Orange Street Fair, or experience a new movie-going experience at the Downtown Film Festival, for starters.

No matter what reason you have for vacationing in Los Angeles, the spring and fall months can be best times to do so. The weather is great, crowds are smaller, and there is a wide variety of activities to experience. Check visiting Los Angeles off your bucket list this spring or fall and be sure to include a helicopter tour!