Aerial Frost Prevention and Crop Drying

Each year, California farmers lose millions to frost and moisture damage. The R44 is a cost-effective platform in providing aerial frost prevention and crop drying.

Aerial Frost Prevention

On cold, windless nights colder air near the ground with warmer air above will cause detrimental frost to settle on crops. A helicopter is the ideal tool to help prevent this damage. The aircraft’s sufficient rotor downwash, which includes its warm engine exhaust, disturbs air around the crop, aiding in prevention of expensive frost damage.

Crop Drying

For crops sensitive to moisture damage, the rotor downwash acts as an powerful and efficient fan. We slowly fly at height that will dry your crops after the rain while maintaining enough height to avoid wind damage.

Helicopter frost prevention and moisture drying crews are available on contract or on demand to help assure you will maximize your crop investments come harvest. Don’t wait until the night of a forecasted frost to call: 818-994-9376.