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8 Airports our Helicopter Charter Flights Serve

Due to the heavy congestion on Southland roads, more people are making use of timesaving helicopter charter services to get them to their destination safely, quickly and in style. Here at Group 3 Aviation, we offer a range of charter trips that encompass a host of destinations, allowing you the flexibility of saving time whether for business or pleasure.

Helicopter Charter Service Airport Destinations

Our helicopter charter services are available to and from a range of popular airport destinations including:

  • Los Angeles (LAX)
  • Van Nys
  • Santa Ana
  • Palm Springs
  • Burbank
  • San Diego
  • Santa Barbara
  • Las Vegas

Passengers who opt to fly with us can look forward reaching their destination on time and in style while receiving nothing less than professional service on their charter trip.

Check out our airport calculator to see flight durations and costs for these airport charter flights.

Helicopter Charter Options for Business and Pleasure

Whether you need to be in one of these destinations for an important business meeting or whether you would like to spend some quality time with someone special, Group 3 Aviation can help. Our charter trips include amazing scenic routes that can be accompanied by a delicious wine and dinner option if desired. This is an ideal option for those who need to entertain business associates or even for those who are eager to pop the question to an unsuspecting fiancée in an unforgettable manner.

Bonuses of a Helicopter Charter

Booking a helicopter charter trip with us let you not only reach your destination in style; it will also allow you to view a few famous sights along the way. These may include but are certainly not limited to places such as Rodeo Drive, the famous Dodgers Stadium, Surfrider Beach, the Malibu Pier, Bel Air, the Sunset Strip, the Playboy Mansion and many others. Our pilots will skillfully maneuver you past these sights while also ensuring that you arrive safely and on time at your intended destination.

Let Us Take Care of Your Helicopter Charter Needs

Although we are usually able to accommodate short notice bookings, it is recommended to book in advance to avoid disappointment. While our helicopters are able to accommodate a pilot and three passengers on each flight, it is important to remember that weight restrictions do apply to helicopter trips. Each seat is able to accommodate weight of 300 pounds and luggage space is also limited to one or two standard overnight bags. If in doubt, we will be happy to assist with any queries you may have in this regard.

The next time you are considering using helicopter charter services, why not give Group 3 Aviation a try? We will ensure that all of your air transportation needs are managed professionally, leaving you to sit back and enjoy timesaving ride.

los angeles helicopter charter

5 Reasons to Charter a Helicopter in Los Angeles

5 Reasons for a Los Angeles helicopter Charter

People come from all over the world to work and play in Los Angeles. With more than 10 million people in Los Angeles County, travel can be tough. However, rising above it all with a Los Angeles helicopter charter saves time, money and stress – helping you get the job done, enjoy the sights and see Los Angeles in a way comparatively few do.


Undeniably the most popular reason to hire a private helicopter charter in the Los Angeles area is to rise above the regions notorious traffic congestion. In addition to 10 million residents, millions of domestic and international visitors every year flood the roads, adding hours to travel. It’s no wonder Los Angelinos often spare no expense on their cars – they’re a second home. Whether crossing the basin to catch a flight during rush hour, flying out to Coachella, or getting out of town for a holiday weekend, a private helicopter charter saves you precious time and stress.


The views from a helicopter in our region are breathtaking. A bird’s eye view of the region from a Los Angeles helicopter charter allows you to see the sights in a completely different way. Whether you’re taking in the Sunset Strip, Hollywood sign and celebrity homes or our world-famous beaches and canyons, you’ll never look at Los Angeles the same way again once you’ve seen it from the air.

So Much to See, So Little Time

The Los Angeles area is immense. Between Malibu, the San Fernando Valley to Burbank, the Hollywood Hills and L.A. Basin, Orange County, and our 75 of miles of breathtaking coastline, there is no way to see it all in a short vacation. Unless, of course, you take it in by helicopter. Group 3 Aviation offers a variety of specialized tours that highlight the region’s favorite sights, including our Valleywood Tour, Hooray for Hollywood Tour, Grand Tour/Best of L.A. and the California Coast and Canyons Tour. Any one of these tours will allow you to see a variety of different things in a very short period of time to help make the most of your California vacation.

Aerial Photography

Not only does hiring a helicopter charter allow you to see the sights from a completely different viewpoint, it also allows you to capture incredible aerial photographs. Whether capturing your memories, scouting locations, documenting property, or building your portfolio, aerial photography is best captured by a helicopter. Group 3 Aviation offers years of experience with helping photographers with their aerial photography and can help capture unforgettable images.

Film Production

Los Angeles and film production go hand in hand. A well-established and reputable helicopter charter operator, Group 3 Aviation offers more than two decades of experience in aerial film production projects, big and small. We offer a range of camera systems to help meet your budget and final product specifications. Whether producing for corporations, independent projects, studio television or film production companies, we help you capture the shots you need to shine. Our work over the years has included news, sporting events, commercials, private functions, utility companies, real estate development and government projects.

Planning on visiting California? Consider scheduling a private helicopter charter into your plans. When your time is valuable, we’re here to get you there.

helicopter pilot training

Your Helicopter Pilot Training

Becoming a helicopter pilot can open numerous doors and put you on the road to exciting career opportunities. The private helicopter pilot training offered by Group 3 Aviation will provide you with all the technical knowledge and flight experience needed to successfully operate one of these aircraft.

Helicopter Pilot Training Course Overview

Group 3 Aviation offers a private helicopter pilot training course that meets all the requirements set forth in FAA regulations, Part 141 (a higher level of instruction completed in less time than schools that do not offer training under Part 141). Our pilot training includes 35 hours of classroom instruction along with 35 hours of flight time. You’ll receive training in principles of flight, navigation, meteorology and flight planning. At least 20 hours of the scheduled flight time will take place with a certified instructor, while the other 15 hours will include solo flight time. There are three different phases of this course, and in order to advance to the next one, students will be required to pass a comprehensive examination at the end of each stage.

Requirements for Enrollment

Those who wish to enroll in one of these helicopter pilot training courses must meet certain criteria as specified by the FAA. Students must be at least 17 years of age at the time training begins; 17-year olds will also need permission from a parent or guardian in order to enroll. Individuals must also be able to read, speak and write English fluently. An FAA third-class medical certificate is also needed, and applicants must hold a student pilot certificate or be licensed as a pilot in another type of aircraft before beginning classes.

Methods of Instruction

The methods of instruction will vary based upon the subject matter being taught. Classroom work will consist of a combination of lectures and video presentations, and may include some written tests. The flight instruction will include performing certain maneuvers, night flying, completing radio communications and conducting cross-country flights. Each student will progress at his or her own pace, with the average length of time needed to complete the course being around 10 weeks.

Licensing Requirements

Before becoming licensed as a pilot, individuals must complete all hours of instruction, including flight time. Upon mastering the skills needed to become a private pilot, the student’s instructor will approve final tests for the rating. The first is the FAA knowledge test, a computer-based exam that can be taken at Group 3 Aviation’s an authorized testing center. The final exam is an FAA oral exam and flight test with an FAA designated examiner. During this test, the examiner will first quiz you on the ground about your knowledge then you will fly together, where the examiner will have you performs a variety of flight maneuvers to prove your mastery. Upon successfully completing this final test, you’ll receive your private pilot helicopter rating from the designated examiner.

The dedicated instructors at Group 3 Aviation successfully trained hundreds of helicopter pilots. You instructor is your partner in achieving your goal. He or she will work with you at your pace to help you learn the skills and knowledge you need to successfully pass your FAA tests and become a private helicopter pilot.

From there, the sky is no longer the limit.

Burn through Your Layover with a Los Angeles Helicopter Tour

Sometimes those long layovers are just not long enought to take in the sights. Unless you have a helicopter. Instead of waiting in the airport, a Los Angeles Helicopter Tour will get you out and about to see the sights. A helicopter ride for a surefire way to see all that the city has to offer in a short amount of time.

Basic Los Angeles Helicopter Tours

Los Angeles helicopter tours run from about 25 minutes to up to an hour and a half and will take you above the city’s famous skyline, Hollywood sign, Staples Center, Nokia Theater, Playboy Mansion, Malibu, major film studios, Mann’s Chinese theater, the Hollywood Hills, the Dolby Theater where the Academy Awards are held, and Beverly Hills. Our longer tours will even take you past our famous beaches.

Act Like a VIP

There isn’t a bad time to take a Los Angeles helicopter tour. Many helicopter touring companies will pick you up at any airport and take you on your private tour. Have time for a little more adventure> Some companies offer what are known as fly and dine dinner deals, where you can treat yourself to a nice dinner before hopping aboard a helicopter and seeing the sights of Los Angeles. Los Angeles exclusively with their friends.

Spot-the-Celebrity Helicopter Tour

When you think of Los Angeles, you probably think of the gaggles of celebrities living in palatial homes in the city. A Los Angeles helicopter tour takes you above the homes of the rich and famous in posh neighborhoods such as Beverly Hills, Beverly Glen, Brentwood, Bel Air, Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica Hills. These tours usually fly guests above such famous locations as The Griffith Park Observatory (where you can spot the famous Hollywood sign), Mann’s Chinese Theater (home to all those footprints and handprints) and the Dolby Theater (home to the Academy Awards).

Beach Helicopter Tours

Want to see the coastlines of Los Angeles? Some Los Angeles helicopter tours allow you to get a seagull’s eye view of Santa Monica beach where you might be able to spot dolphins, whales and sharks. These tours also take you above the pier, where you can spot the games, rides and the people crowding the pier. Another tour could take you to the L.A. Harbor, Manhattan Beach, Cabrillo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and the South Bay.

Twilight Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours aren’t just for the daytime hours. Experience the magical feeling of having the city lights at your feet by taking a twilight Los Angeles helicopter tour. Most nighttime helicopter tours fly above the Forrest Lawn, Universal Studios, the famous Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory, Dodger stadium, Hollywood Boulevard, the Walk of Fame and, of course, the beautiful L.A. skyline. No view can possibly top the sparkling lights of the City of Angels.

Got a layover and not sure what to do? Any of the above helicopter tours will give you a brief, yet memorable glimpse of some of the world’s most famous landmarks, sparing you that boring wait in the airport lounge.


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